Saath was formed in 1989 as a Charitable Trust to focus on health, education, micro-finance, child labour eradication, slum upgradation and community organisation.

Since 1996, Saath has been working with, successfully supported, empowered and improved the quality of life of over 4,00,000 individuals at the bottom of the economic pyramid. It has been implementing several employment programs that aim to enhance livelihoods of artisans, youth and women. However, over the years, it has become increasingly difficult for Charitable Trusts to generate revenue and surpluses under the New Tax code.

Hence in 2007, Saath Livelihoods was promoted by Saath to further its vision of inclusive development and enhancing livelihood opportunities.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to integrate innovative and sustainable business models into community while developing social/ human capital.

Our mission is to promote and/or support social entrepreneurs and enterprises, create opportunities for livelihood enhancement as well as livelihood diversification for communities, especially for youth, women, artisan groups, and other excluded groups.


Saath Livelihoods values and promotes trust, innovation, excellence, competitiveness, partnerships, environmental sustainability and community welfare.