CSR Rules 2014

  • Eligible Companies with a Net profit of at least INR 5 crores; Net worth of at least INR 500 crores; Turnover of a minimum of INR 1,000 crores
  • A company must set up a CSR Committee
  • The CSR Policy must mention – list of CSR programs, modalities of execution, specification of utilization of surplus arising from such activities
  • CSR Activities that can be undertaken – as outlined in Schedule VII of the Act. Poverty, Education, Reducing Inequality, Environment, Art & Culture, Armed Forces Veterans, Sports, Technology Incubation, Rural Development projects
  • Now Slum Rehabilitation and Slum Development are included as well (according to the new budget 2014)
  • Implementation Partners - Section 8 Companies, Trusts, Registered Societies, Company’s own foundation, the company itself, collaboration with other companies
  • CSR Reporting - Mandatory